FYC’s Yaqoub fined BD200

Prominent Al Fateh Youth Coalition (FYC) figure, Yaqoub Al Slaise, has been fined BD200 for degrading Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) online. The FYC spokesman was arrested  on June 7 last year for his controversial post on Twitter claiming that the BDF ‘influences its employees in the parliamentarian election process’.

He was later released on bail by a remand judge at the High Criminal Court after pleading not guilty, pending a verdict of his offence. The coalition had earlier accused the decision to detain Yaqoub as a curtailment of his freedom of speech. Speaking to DT News, a member of the coalition Rashid Al Jassim, said that ‘Yaqoub should be released immediately’ and that he is ‘completely innocent.’

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