Al-Slaise: “Political Societies have not learned from their mistakes in 2010”

The independent candidates’ pre-eminence in the parliamentary and municipal elections only shows that political societies have not learnt from their past mistakes, according to social activists.

Political societies, during their term in the parliament, focused on promoting their own agendas rather than serving the people, they observed, adding that these societies also made tactical errors, making it easier for the independents to usurp them.

Speaking to DT News, Social activist and Al Fateh Youth coalition Member Yacoub Al Slaise said that it is not surprising to see the societies putting in a poor performance. “They competed against each other in more than one district, making it difficult for both to get the required 50 percent vote and both failed in the end,” Mr. Al Slaise said.

“This shows that they have not learnt the lessons from the previous elections. However, the societies can make a comeback in the future. They can win back public support by simply being close to the people. They need to break down the barriers and start communicating effectively with the public,” he stressed.

Member of the National Institution for Human Rights and outing MP Ahmed Al Saati believes that some of the societies promote their own agenda, instead of working for the interest of the people, resulting in a loss of trust between the public and the societies. “Certain societies have their agendas, some have extremely religious ideologies which they try to implement in the parliament. These societies overlook the interests of the people and this has resulted in a loss of trust of the people,” he said.

A furious Bahraini citizen, who asked not to be named, said that the societies have become an embarrassment for the nation, calling the election results “shameful”.

“NUG had 14 candidates, 7 for municipality and 7 for parliament, all 14 of them had failed. Their candidates received a total of 4662 votes from a possible 34,9713 votes! This is a shocking result. It is a shame to see a society with such a strong reputation to fail so miserably in the elections,” he stated.

“Other societies have not done us proud either. The results they received during the elections were equally appalling. It is embarrassing to say that these societies even exist,” he concluded.

Mohammed Zafran/DTNN

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