Same drink, different bottle

The Opposition political societies and their representatives in the country must ‘walk their talk’, said prominent citizen activists in the Kingdom. Responding to the ‘No-Hatred’ document floated by the six Opposition political societies in the country, they told DT News that the said project must ‘reflect on the ground as a reality’. The ‘project to promote tolerance and combat incitement of hatred’, according to the Opposition, was a call to the Bahraini public to join hands towards promoting forbearance in the country. The societies – Al Wefaq National Islamic Society, National Democratic Action Society (Waad), Unitary National Democratic Assemblage, Democratic Progressive Tribune, National Democratic Gathering Society and Ekhaa National Society – had said that the document would be circulated to all leading political, social and civil societies in the Kingdom for their endorsement and will also be open to individuals who would wish to join. “The idea is good, but this is a collective effort. Since the Opposition has initiated the thought they should be leading it through

Hatred is not a syndrome that can be tackled through a document. The root cause for it has to be treated and for that we must make an effort to step beyond the documentations,” said Shura Council Member Dr. Abdulaziz Abul. “We will study the idea and its benefits before we decide to join hands or not,” said Al Fateh Coalition (National Alliance Coalition – NAC) Head and National Unity Assembly (NUA) Central Board Member Abdulla Al Huwaihi. “If it is like a similar document on anti-violence that they launched in 2012, it is definitely not acceptable. Our main demand to the Opposition is to categorically denounce violence and terrorism in the country and to stand together to fight this. We are yet to see any move from them on this till now,” said Mr. Al Huwaihi

Mr. Al Huwaihi hoped that the venture was not yet another publicity attempt of the Opposition to market themselves in front of the international Media. “I don’t find anything new about this project – as it is the same in format and idea like the anti-violence document. It was after that document in 2012, we saw Khalil Marzooq (Al Wefaq National Islamic Society Assistant Secretary General) publicly supporting a group that has been banned as a terrorist organisation in the Kingdom,” pointed out Al Fateh Youth Coalition (FYC) spokesperson Yacoub Al Slaise. “Since they had been contradicting in the past, we are now a bit skeptical about the whole project. They should practice what they preach. Hatred is not just a term – it constitutes of nitty-gritties – like the language we use

The Al Wefaq, since 2011 has been using the term ‘mercenaries’ for security men, who are doing their duty and protecting us. A large segment of Bahrainis object to this and find it offensive but the Society till date, has been continuing this. It is inhuman and this is also inciting hatred. Would they change this attitude as part of their No-Hatred project?” he asked. He highlighted that rights activists that support the Opposition have always been referring to citizens as ‘natives’ and ‘naturalised’. “Is this democracy and equality? Why this hatred towards naturalised Bahrainis and why special privileges for natives

By grace, Bahrainis are blessed with tolerance and compassion. Hatred is not in our nature. The Opposition should refrain from spreading this hatred,” he added, noting that FYC was yet to discuss whether to join the project or not

Jan 11 2014

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  1. Sirs The document is not for you guys because you need to respect quran before anything else.

    Neither it is targetted to your wally alamr because you are all in the same boat at the same pool.

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