“ Save Khalifa Al Houti“

It is the usual smile that his stu dents and coworkers are used to see through the different phases of his 30 years of service in Educa tion Ministry. It is the smile of Elementary Education Director Khalifa Al Houti who was severely injured in a traffic accident which occurred in Saudi Arabia before three months, while he and others were driving towards Mecca to perform the rite of Umrah.

As a Bahraini citizen I’m questioning if it is fair to this hardworking man who served his country for more than quarter of a century to be forgotten on hospi tals’ beds for the past three months?
The Prime Minister HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa previously direct ed Foreign Affairs, Health and Education Ministries to cooperate with Saudi health authorities and provide all kinds of support and care for Mr. Al Houti. Why and who is suspending the Prime Minister’s directives?
After being admitted to an un qualified hospital in Al Ahsaa in Saudi Arabia, why did the officials concerned shift him to another hospital which is unable to Bahrain Defence Force Hospital?
I have personally visited Mr. Al Houti in the hospital, but I was not allowed in his room due to his lungs infection as directed by his doctor. A family member told me that his treatment is currently limited to mucus suction and joints massage therapy. They also said that the doctor directed them to promptly shift him abroad for treatment in a fully equipped airplane. The relative explained to me that the process expenses are beyond their budget.

As I was speaking to the man, I could not stand the horrible sound of the mucus suction process, which is a very painful process that Mr. Al Houti goes through on daily basis.

According to the Constitutional Eighth Article (A), “Every citizen is entitled to health care. The State cares for public health and the State ensures the means of preven tion and treatment by establishing a variety of hospitals and healthcare institutions.“

On behalf of Mr. Al Houti and his family members I demand the constitutional rights of this citizen who is precious to the state and the people of Bahrain. We say it loud and clear to the officials concerned `Save Khalifa Al Houti’.

Rashid Al Jassim

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