Views: Bahrainis up against Iran’s noose justice


For Bahrainis, it’s nothing short of a crime. And they, in unison, termed Iranian regime’s hanging of sixteen `rebels’ on Saturday as blatant violation of international ethics and said that Tehran has no right to advise Kingdom on its `human rights’ situation. Silence shocking In his response to the incident, National Unity Assembly (NUA) President Dr. Shaikh Abdullathif Al Mahmoud told DT News, “This news is not shocking, since we know that the Al Khomeini revolution since 1979 had its basis on `wipe off those who are against the system’. But the silence of the super powers on this massacre is more shocking.“

“Several reports in the past have spoken loud about such violation of human rights by the regime. Unfair judiciary and cruel punishments had ever been the way of the Iranian system and even today, the Balochis, Kurds, Turks, Azerbijanis and the Arabs of the Ahwaz are being prosecuted,“ noted Dr. Al Mahmoud.

Strongly condemning the international NonGovernmental Organisations (NGOs) and their biased approach to world scenarios, Dr. Al Mahmoud demanded that they raise their voice against such atrocities, than making an uproar over civil issues in countries like that of Bahrain.

“Iran is violating human rights and how can these NGOs remain quiet when they don’t spare any attack on Bahrain, despite the issues are of grave nature,“ he said.

Appalling rights record

Strongly condemning the mass execution of activists of different ethnic and religious backgrounds for their political views in sham trials, youth activist Yacoub Al Slaise said that these executions were a harrowing reminder of the appalling human rights record.

“The current President Hassan Rowhani is far from being a ‘reformist’ or ‘moderate’ leader. The international community must continue putting pressure on Iran through sanctions until there is a substantial improvement in their human rights record especially towards minority rights,” said Mr. Al Slaise.

He stressed that the Obama administration should not be receiving the Iranian regime with open arms.

“Sanctions must be maintained and efforts focused on stopping the Iranian regime from building nuclear weapons,” he added.

Criminal regime

Lawmaker Mohammed Al Ammadi said the Tehran government had no right to be ‘advising Bahrain’ on its human rights conditions, when they are murdering people.

Condemning the Iranian approach, Mr. Al Ammadi highlighted that the regime did not have any right to advise Bahrain, when it is not even the least bit ready to accept an opposition or a different opinion within its system.

“A regime that is committing crimes to the extent of cold-blooded murder has no right to interfere in our issues, which is nothing but internal. For the men who have been executed did the regime give them a fair trial? Were they allowed to defend their side? Is this not human rights violation?” asked the MP.

“It is our turn to tell them to respect human rights and to abide by views and laws. We ask them to stop sending troops to Syria to kill innocent people. We demand them to address the needs of more than half of its population who are below poverty level, struggling for food and shelter,” he said, noting that the priority of the regime was to extend its geographical stretch.

Originally published in DT News 28th October 2013

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