Youth group unhappy over sentence reduction

يعقوب السليس

A prominent youth group in the country has expressed its disappointment over the slashing of sentence terms from 10 years to two years for two cops who were convicted of torturing a detainee Ali Saqer to death

Speaking to DT News AlFateh Youth Coalition (FYC) spokesperson Yacoub Al Slaise said that the sentences served to the cops reflected elements of leniency

“As part of the implementation of the BICI report, Criminal law was amended (Law (52) /2012) and it clearly states that anyone convicted of using torture against detainees must receive a life imprisonment sentence

Therefore we believe that the final verdict in this case was not appropriate against such a crime,“ said Mr. Al Slaise

“We, at the FYC believe that Bahrain needs meaningful reforms in the judiciary, and that it should be impartial and immune from political polarisation and influence. We have covered in our manifesto, a number of reforms that guarantee the independence of the judiciary including a fully powered, financially and administratively independent Judiciary Supreme Council, whose members are elected by judges themselves,“ he said

“The manifesto also includes the formation of an effective judiciary inspection body to promote accountability and entrusted with the ability to raise cases against judges within a special court in order to investigate and try any allegations of corrupt judges,“ he added

“Many Bahrainis feel frustrated from the current justice system as many cases take too long to reach a verdict, with some spanning several years. As the saying goes `Justice delayed is justice denied’,“ stressed Mr.Al Slaise

Speaking on a similar tone, Youth Activist and member of National Islamic Forum Society Anas Bomtaia said, “Even if policemen are involved in any mistakes they must be punished, which must be implemented without fail, to prevent any injustice happening in the country“

Mr. Bomtaia who expressed trust in the judicial system of the country, simultaneously demanded necessary reforms

Criticising Al Wefaq, he pointed out, “We refuse any interruptions of trails in any name. Al Wefaq is trying to apply pressure to get away without punishment. For the pain they cause to the nation and to its people, they shouldn’t run away from these rulings which we think is not enough“

Meanwhile, Al Wefaq, demanding an independent judiciary, said that that sentences based on
coerced confessions under torture were absolutely void and reflected Bahrain’s political crisis

The Daily Tribune

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