I believe the “FSA should be supported with funds and weapons

Amid the ongoing global discussions on a potential military strike on Syria, Bahraini youths have renewed their oath of supporting the people of conflict-ridden country by all means

 Mainly after the massacre which took place in west and east Ghouta, seven kilometres away from the capital, on August 21, where at least 1300 were killed by chemical weapons, countries like the United States of America (USA), the United Kingdom (UK) and France are discussing plans to attack Syria

 According to the latest reports of United Nations (UN), the conflict between the regime, rebels and other armed militias have resulted in the death of more than 100,000 people. On the other hand, around two million citizens have taken shelter in neighbouring countries and four million were left displaced within the country

 Leader of Al Fateh Youth Coalition (FYC) Yaqoub Al Slaise told DT News that the military action should have been carried out much earlier. “In my opinion, military interference should have been made before the death toll reached 100,000 and genocides took place, ” he opined.

“The people of Syria have badly suffered because of civil war for almost three years and it is time to stop the massacre, ” he added.

Mr. Al Slaise assured the constant support of Bahrainis for Syrians in war zones and refugee camps in the surrounding countries.

“Bahrainis were the first to lend their hands to the needy.

We should stand by the people of Syria and it is our humanitarian obligation to support the surrounding countries to accommodate refugees and displaced people, ” he said.

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, many govern mental and civil organisations in the Kingdom have responded to the rescue calls of the distressed people of Syria, including Royal Charity Organisation (RCO), patronised by its chairman HH Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the ‘One Body’ campaign launched by MP Abdulhaleem Murad and Dr.Faisal Al Ghurair and the ‘Bahrainis with Syria’ team which included more than 15 individuals, to aid Syrians stuck in war zones.

Echoing a similar opinion, another leader of FYC Rashid Al Jassim expressed his concerns over Syria’s situation. “The Syrian regime has committed crimes against humanity which includes genocides,” he opined.

Mr. Al Jassim quoted the latest statements of US President Barack Obama, who described the military strike on Syria to be a ‘surgical strike.’ “I believe the strike will be in order to balance powers as the armoury of Free Syrian Army (FSA) is incomparable with the regime’s weapons,” the youth leader said.

“The western powers stated they have evidence to prove that the regime used “ chemical weapons in more than one location. I believe the FSA should be support ed with funds and weapons,“ he added.

 Adding that Bahrain’s people and leadership have always been aiding the less-privileged people within and beyond the borders of the Arabian World, Mr. Al Jassim said, “Bahrain’s Arabism is far beyond its geographic borders.

When Kuwait was invaded in the early nineties, Bahrainis welcomed them to live in their homes.“


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